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Expanding Sales into UK and Europe

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Good Morning

I am seven figure (total not annually) seller based i the UK - I have built my business up selling other peoples products/brands - I dabbled with Private Label but it's not for me!  What I have been successfull at is working with US brands that sell well on Amazon.com but for one reason or another have not made the move to UK and Europe, which given recent changes to UK Company law will become more of a challenge.

I created a programme I call AccSellerRate whereby I work with you on a partnership basis to sell your products over here.... it starts with an assessment to see if the product has potential, a trial order, review results and hopefully go on to repeat orders that increase in sizes.  I already work with a brand who are part of the Serious Sellers group and from a trial of 100 units I now have sold over 3,000 units in 2 years..

If you have a successful selling product that you want explore selling in UK & Europe then let's talk....