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Seller Central Login issue & Amazon support

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Dear All,7

I set up my new seller central account on Amazon.in last month & was able to login for few days. Then I got the error when I try login and since they I'm unable to access the account.

Here's the error. I tried from all the browsers, mobile phone and even seller central App and get the same error !!

Internal Error

  • The website is having a technical problem; please try again.


I raised a ticket with Amazon support team on May 27.  My once in every 3-4 day follow up didn't help to get a solution yet. Interestingly, when I was raising the the help ticket, I noticed that my account status is 'Pending registration'. ( I don't know what does that mean )

Frustrated, I sent a mail to Jeff Bezos last week, post that Amazon created another case !! Now both the case are waiting for solution.

This is not an Amazon bashing post, but is the seller central support that bad? I spent a good amount of time and money on this business, but having no access to my account and not getting timely support from Amazon is raising lots of concerns.

Now please advice me, what are options do I have? Just wait for few more weeks or months with the hope that eventually someone from Amazon will solve the issue or is there anything else I should do? Btw I sent a reminder mail to Jeff and later someone updated the second case that they are still working on it and I hope, they really do.



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Bradley Sutton
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Have you tried from a different computer?  and youve tried to clear all the cache? I dont have experience with amazon india, but i havent heard of an issue like that that was tied to the account not browser, but thats strange that even the mobile app doesnt work.....