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Amazon AI Glitch: Plants and Seeds

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Carrie Miller
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Imagine waking up Saturday morning to find 58 of your Amazon product listings flagged for a restricted policy violation on Amazon. It turns out, due to an unprecedented glitch, thousands of products, including ours, were mistakenly categorized as seeds or plants by Amazon's AI.

We appealed this decision immediately and had all of the violations lifted within 2 days.

Here is what we did:

1) Go to Product Performance and then click on Account Health
2) Click on “Restricted Policy Violations”
3) Click Submit Appeal on the ASIN with the violation
4) Check the two boxes (reviewed the original notification and Read the restricted products policy)
5) In the reason for the appeal we wrote “This product is not a plant or a seed. It’s a ______.” Please review and remove this violation.

You can upload multiple ASINs that are a similar product in the same appeal.

The violations were lifted on most of our products within 24 hours and the rest were lifted within 48 hours.