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Amazon Vendor - Sspndd - 'Misuse of Purchase Order gene

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Hi Guys

This is a strange one for you guys. Have you ever come across this:

We got a violation on Amazon Vendor for ''Misuse of Purchase Order generation' 

We have searched the whole of the internet with no results. We have appealed but Amazon are not responding.

Have you guys ever faced such a weird violation from Vendor? This is our first and only one in the last 8 years of being a Vendor supplier. We use an EDI system to process our orders. So we don't even generate the orders our self.



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Bradley Sutton
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I havent heard of this. You have a Vendor Central account and got this message?  Do you have any SAAS core rep or any other point of contact at amazon? You might want to check too with ecommerce chris from hub.helium10.com if they can help.