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Only 200 products in searches

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Good afternoon. Please see if someone can help me. Why does Helium 10 only show me 200 products when I perform a search without applying any filter? What am I doing wrong?
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Hi! What kind of plan do you pay for? 

Bradley Sutton
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In the videos I mention exactly why its limited to 200. Its to let you know you need to narrow your search down. Theres many reasons why this is beneficial. 1. no one is going to look through realistically in one sitting 1000 or more products. You will miss some and not know where you left off if you had that many results. Breaking it into chunks of 200 allows you to make sure you segment your research and look at everything. Many sellers are worried that other people are looking up the same exact searches and products as them. By making sure you narrow it down always to less than 200, you are exponentially making it less likely that someone is doing the exact same search as you.