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Discover which products have had Amazon’s Choice Badge

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Hi guys! A lot of buyers out there sometimes base their purchase off of Amazon’s Choice so seeing who has it for certain keywords will give you an idea of who is dominating and which sellers to go after as well as which keywords carry weight in the market. Here's what you can do.

  • You’ll want to do a single ASIN search inside of Cerebro
  • Use the Amazon Choice Filter and select 'Analyzed product' from the drop-down menu
  • Then click apply

Doing this will show you all of the keywords the given product had the Amazon’s choice the last time H10 checked (if any). You can differentiate inside of Cerebro because the indicator logo will be fully colored next to the keyphrase.

And if you open up the keyphrase to the search results page, you might see it denoted as “Overall Pick”

As for the other options in the dropdown menu for Amazon Choice, “Other Product” means there was an Amazon’s choice but it was not the product we are looking at. Some other seller had it on their listing instead.

Whereas no badges are for keywords and phrases - no one in the search result had the Amazon choice badges.

Each one has a different reason on why you might want to take a look at this and search for this. If one of your competitor has the Amazon Choice badge for nearly every keyword, that’ll be a tough competitor. If something has decent search volume but no badge, maybe those keywords you want to get the Amazon Choice badge on. 

Hope this helps! Cheers!

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