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Product research in competitive niche

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I heard on some YouTube video that if you find a product opportunity in a niche were the

top sellers are selling in monthly revenue more than the number of your budget in hand,

you cannot enter that niche, because due to the high level of sales in the niche, you

won't be able to fund your inventory and this will cause you to be constantly out of


In other words, "Do not succeed, it will make you fail" !!

Is this true?? 

It makes and doesn't make sense to me at the same time!!

Thank you

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Carrie Miller
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Hi Mendy, 

That is not a good way to analyze. What you want to analyze is the demand vs the competition. To analyze demand, look to see how many sales there are every month so show that there are a lot of people buying this product. I say it should be most products selling at least 10k per month. The next thing you want to look at is the competition which is based on reviews. IF there are thousands of reviews in the top 10 ranked products, that is going to be very competitive and difficult to compete with because they are more established. However, if you see some products in the top 10 with less than 100 reviews, that is a good sign. Also, it's good to note that just because the top sellers are selling that much doesn't guarantee that you will. They might have a lot of other marketing strategies and brand awareness. So, the biggest thing is to find relevant keywords where there is demand and the competition is lower based on what I mentioned above.