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Do you check search volume history?

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Carrie Miller
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Do you check the history of the search volume of your keywords?  Why would you want to? How can this help?

Search volume goes up and down throughout the year. There are newer keywords that start getting more popular. There’s seasonal keywords that may peak during a certain holiday, like Christmas, or a certain time of year, like summer or winter.

So it’s important to kind of seeing the ups and downs of search volume.

In the above screenshot you can see for example that spooky gifts most of the year averages between 500-1000 search volume.  However, if you just discarded it as a low search volume keyword, you would miss out on all of the peaks.  

Looking at the search volume history you can see that every year around October, the search volume skyrockets, sometimes almost up to 20,000!

Another thing to keep in mind is that all search volume isn’t created equal. In the Helium 10 search volume graph, if you click on the Google Search volume, you will see that there are a lot more spikes during the year.  

If you hit the Walmart graph you can see that search volume is only a fraction of what Amazon is.

Do me (and yourself) a favor and check your top 5 keywords’ search volume history both on Amazon and other marketplaces and tell me what you learn on next Monday’s live AMA with me!  

Hopefully you find something that makes you say, “How Cool Is That?!”