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Dominate Prime Day with This Strategy!

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Carrie Miller
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Have you ever wanted to do seasonal research and wished that you could go back in time to find keywords for key holidays like Christmas, Prime Day, Father’s Day etc.? Well, guess what?!! Helium 10 is making your dreams come true with the “Historical Trend” feature in Cerebro.  

With "Historical Trend," you can go back up to 24 months and find where any ASIN stood in organic and sponsored rankings, alongside search volume history. It's a goldmine for uncovering untapped high-volume keywords that your competitors haven't caught wind of yet.

Picture this: you spot those lucrative keywords now, while search volume is low, and position yourself at the top when the search numbers skyrocket during peak seasons. It's all about staying steps ahead, and with this tool, Prime Day dominance is within reach. Don't just prepare for Prime Day, own it.

In this example, I wanted to see how the viral Tineco Vacuum Mop did on Prime Day last year with Prime Day specific Keywords. Here’s how I did it and discovered keywords that they were ranking for but not dominating that any competitors would have a much easier time ranking for because of the low competition for these seasonal keywords.  

First, I did a single reverse ASIN search for the Tineco Mop and then clicked on the “Historical Trend” Button.


Then, once you see the historical trend graphs, you will want to click on the month of Prime Day. So, in this case, I selected July of 2023 which is when Prime Day occurred last year around the same time and then clicked “apply filters.”

Next, I filtered for keywords that include ”Prime” to find Prime Day specific keywords. You can get creative and filter for other words like deals, coupons etc to find additional keywords.  


Then, you are shown a goldmine of keywords that your competitors don’t even know exist. You can see that even Tineco was not even running sponsored ads on these top Prime Day keywords and were ranking in the 200s. Imagine finding these keywords, running ads and beating your competition and crushing it on Prime Day!

If you click on the miniature graph next to the search volume of each of these keywords, you can see what the search volume is most of the year.  


In this example, you can see that most of the year these keywords get only a few hundred searches. Running campaigns on these keywords in the months approaching Prime Day can potentially position you to be at the top when the search volume skyrockets! You can also set evergreen campaigns for the entire year to make sure you dominate these keywords every year!