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How to Find Long Tail Keywords from Root Words

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Carrie Miller
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In this week's strategy, I will show you how to find long-tail keywords from root keywords and phrases using Magnet.  

When you are logged into your Helium 10 account, navigate over to our keyword for keyword research tool. Input in your seed keyword or phrase into the given search field under the “Find Suggestions” tab and select “Get Keywords.”



The tool will output a number of keywords that are related to the initial keyword or phrase you inputted alongside other insightful information like the click share, conversion share, keyword sales, search volume, CPR number or how many units you need to give away at a discounted value over the course of eight days to rank on the top half of page 1, and more! In our case, we received 3,457 filtered keywords.

To narrow that down further to only long-tail keywords and phrases with sufficient demand and higher buyer intent, we encourage using our “Word Count” filter. Afterall, people typing in more words means a more specific search and a warmer lead. You can use it in conjunction with search volume and even something like “Phrases Containing” to quickly narrow the pool of keywords down.  


With that, we are left with just 21 relevant, in-demand keywords. So be sure to head over to Magnet and try this out for your own products!