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Keywords Your Competitors Are Missing

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Carrie Miller
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This week’s strategy is all about helping you find opportunity keywords that your competitors may not be fully utilizing.

First, open up Cerebro and enter in a few of your competitor ASINs before navigating to the filters.

Input a minimum Search Volume you would be satisfied with followed by a minimum number of Ranking Competitors that you would like to see with an average Competitor Rank of somewhere between position 1 and 30.

The sole reason we are using 1 and 30 is to indicate that the minimum number of competing ASINs you entered are ranking at least somewhere on the top half of page one. You can go as broad or narrow as you would like with these numbers.

Then, click Apply to get a more narrowed output of opportunity keywords that perhaps not all of your competitors are yet using as part of their ranking strategies.

In our case, we only have 6 filtered keywords from our initial search results output of 4,567 keywords.

Bear in mind, it is unlikely your competitors will switch their strategy overnight to start capitalizing on these keywords meaning you could go in, incorporate the given key phrases into your title, listing bullet points, or subject matter to start capturing and converting traffic. Happy ranking!