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Strategies to Validate Potential Products help needed

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Hello, I just signed up for helium 10 a few weeks ago but been selling as OA/RA for a few months to learn all things Amazon.  I'm ready to jump into PL and get out of OA/RA as there is too much risk.  I've been through the freedom ticket 4.0 and also the project X case study.  (I don't think I have access to freedom ticket 3.0 as I joined after 4.0 was launched)

I've found a small handful of potential products and validated profit margin, ROI, and some basic xray data to check out the competition, and so far it looks ok.  But I feel I'm missing lots of strategies to validate the product.  

I've already used quite a few of the strategies discussed in project X (Verified the competition isn't too high, validated there is search volume, validated alibaba isn't exploding with the product) but what other tips are out there to help validate.  Is there a podcast or series of podcasts that go into validating product research?  


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Frances Hera
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Hey @Christine Gerth, you might find this newly released podcast on product research valuable: https://www.helium10.com/podcast/2024-amazon-product-research-masterclass/. It's a masterclass on Amazon product research