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Top Level Info for a List of Keywords from Any Platform

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Carrie Miller
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In this Helium 10 Strategy, I will show you how to get top level information for any list of keywords, including keyword you find on other platforms.

The first thing you need to do is login to Helium 10 and go to the Magnet Keyword Research Tool. Once you are in Magnet, click on the “Analyze Keywords” tab and paste in your list of keywords. You can paste up to 200 keywords.

Once you click on “Analyze Keywords,” you will see all kinds of information like the total search volume for that group of keywords, keyword distribution, search volume, keyword sales, click share and conversion share analytics and more!

So, whenever you want to get top level information like the total search volume for a group of keywords or how much search volume and keyword sales each keyword gets on Amazon, just go to Magnet and use the Analyze Keywords Tab.