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Walmart Virtual Bundles

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Exciting News for Walmart Marketplace Sellers!

Walmart Marketplace is currently Beta testing out Virtual Bundles, offering a fantastic opportunity to increase cart order values and enhance the shopping experience for customers. While this feature currently focuses on multi-packs, allowing you to create bundles with multiples of the same product, it still presents a great way to increase average order value and streamline your inventory.

By offering multi-packs, you can cater to customers looking for value and convenience, making it easier for them to stock up on their favorite items. Whether it’s a popular household item, a best-selling beauty product, or a customer-favorite snack, multi-packs can drive higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

When virtual bundles fully role out in the upcoming months, sellers can experiment with multi-pack virtual bundles and see how they can enhance product offerings on Walmart Marketplace. Stay ahead of the curve and start planning your virtual bundles today!

For those sellers in the beta program, have you tried creating multi-pack virtual bundles on Walmart yet? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

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