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Find Highly Searched Products that Will Be Easy to Rank

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How to Find Highly Searched Items That Will Be Easier to Get on Page one: 

Before we get into this strategy, you need to know what Title Density is on Helium 10. Title Density is a term that we use in Helium 10 to describe how many competitors on page one have that same exact keyword phrase in the title. The idea behind this is that if there are less competitors targeting the same keyword phrase by putting it in their title, the less competitive that keyword will be. So, the lower the Title Density, the less competition and the higher probability of that keyword being an opportunity keyword.  

So, to find keywords that can potentially lead you to low competition, high demand products you are going to want to go to Black Box and Click on the Keywords Tab. Once you are in that tab, you can fill in the following filters: 


The most important filter in this situation is the Title Density Filter. You can play around with all of the other filters in the screenshot above but those are just some suggestions to get started.  

Here are some examples of the types of results you can get:

Black Box Keywords
Black Box Keywords (1)

You will get hundreds of results when you do this type of search so there should be some good ideas in there for anyone looking to source and sell new products that are in demand!