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Historical Amazon Keyword Research Strategy

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Bradley Sutton
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Did you know that Helium 10’s Cerebro allows you to go back in time to see historical search volume and historical rank? That’s right! Now you can see these additional data points to help you prep for seasonal sales such as holidays and Prime Day by looking back in time. You can go back and see where you were ranked for certain keywords and you can also see where your competitors were ranked for those keywords. You can also see if there were any seasonal keywords that your competitors capitalized on that you might have missed.  

Here is how you find the historical search volume and historical rank for any ASIN.  

First, you need to go to Cerebro and do a Single Search for either your own ASIN or your Competitor ASIN and then hit the button that says, “Show Historical Trend.” 


Once you click on historical trend, you will be able to see a graph that shows the amount of organic vs sponsored keywords that that ASIN ranked for. You will want to click on the month that you want to see historical rank and search volume for and then click “Apply Filters. 


Once you click on “Apply Filters,” you will be able to see all of the keyword ranks that the chosen ASIN ranked for along with historical search volume for that month. You can also use the advanced filters at the top to sort through to find the most important keywords. For example, you can filter to see where the ASIN was ranked in the top 50 organically. This is a great way to plan out and strategize ranking for seasonal keywords so that you can capitalize on them and beat your competitors.  


Check out this feature and start planning to capitalize on all of the upcoming seasonal keyword opportunities!  

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Love to understand what filters others are using. What's your top (3) filter choices?