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Rank Your Products to the Top of Page 1 in 8 Days

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First, open up Cerebro, our Reverse ASIN keyword research tool.

Start by inputting in multiple competitor ASINs inside of your niche. 

Use the filters provided to narrow down your output. For our search, we filtered down our initial pool of 4,567 filtered keywords using the “Search Volume” and “Phrases Containing” filter to more digestible 26 filtered key phrases. 

Cerebro (11)

From there, click the “CPR” column to sort the chart and understand how many units you would need to give away or sell over the course of eight days to rank on the top half of page one for a given keyword. 

Cerebro (10)

Go through, open up the keywords, check for relevancy in conjunction with search volume to decipher whether you want to rank at the top of Page one before going over to Adtomic to begin your PPC campaigns! 

Create a PPC campaign for each keyword that you want to rank for. In our scenario, the CPR number we have for "Coffin Shelf" is 36 which means I need to make 5 sales per day in order to rank at the top of page one. Each time I have 5 sales in one day, I will pause that campaign and restart it the following day. By the end of day 8 of doing this, we should be at the top half of page one for that keyword. 

Of course, to track all this and watch your products rise in the rankings while using CPR, don’t forget to turn on Boost with Keyword Tracker. Happy ranking!