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Actionable Prime Day Prep Strategies

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Carrie Miller
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With the right strategies, you can dominate Prime Day and make Prime Day 2024 your biggest sales day on Amazon ever!

To help you have a successful Prime Day, Helium 10 has curated a very actionable checklist full of incredible strategies to help you to be successful.

There are tips on inventory management, keyword research, how to utilize historical data, PPC, and ways to use social media, external traffic, and deals to boost sales.

Marketing Expert Emma Schermer Tamir shared 5 incredible optimization strategies and and Destaney Wishon, one of the top PPC experts in the Amazon space shared her best tips for PPC optimization for Prime Day! You can also see how Vincenzo Toscano used Helium 10 to make 2023 his biggest Prime Day ever! And guess what? You can download this checklist for FREE!

Click here to get the guide for FREE: https://h10.me/primelist